Notebook vs. Laptop

These are just the standard, but nothing you see in the store is standard. You still have to compare while shopping. Notebook – Macintosh platform-Small -No CD, DVD You can buy external reader ($90)-4-5 hour battery life -Not upgradable-Integrated modem and network connection Laptop – PC platformCD, DVD built in 3 hour battery lifeupgradable IntegratedContinue reading “Notebook vs. Laptop”

Multi Media Savvy – Adult Education

– Sonja Howell List Adult ed classes instead of weekly content Week 1 Agenda 1. Welcome 2. About Me 3. Create gmail/google account Choose either your name or an alias 4. What, No Paper? 5. Questionnaire a. Post on wallwisher the 3 things you would like to learn b. Post your multimedia experience in thisContinue reading “Multi Media Savvy – Adult Education”