"New Media Journalism"

New Media Journalism seems to include all of the above…

Since the employment rate has dropped, people losing their jobs in every area including marketing, advertisement, journalism, photography, PR and Communications, all of these specialized jobs have melted into one. We all saw it coming. Now they have become one. I was sad at first, but then realized this actually helps the jack of all trades (people like me). Now, I am very excited about it. It pulls me to the top of the crop. Before I did not have a title, a career goal, a masters degree that fit my next move… I’m on it.

Official Notice – “SunnyTrees Media Agency”

In the past I have reserved the name “Sunny Trees” strictly for photography and wedding/event videos. After weeks of self discovery, I decided to “Branch Out and Shine, Media Style!”

I will now practice all of my favorite subjects under the name “SunnyTrees Media Agency”. The Lenawee studio location will be announced soon. The website and facebook will continue the name “Sunny Trees Photography”.

In the past 20 years I have enjoyed working in the field of advertising, marketing, technology, broadcast and written journalism and adult education for retail and non-profit companies.

Graphic Design certificate from JACC
Visual Communication/Journalism, Associates Degree from JCC
Art, Design & Communications, Bachelor Degree from AIU

Brooklyn Signs
Jaocbson’s Stores Inc. Advertising Department
– Advanced Photo Scanning and Alterations
– Quality Control
– Graphic Design
– Prepress
– Advertising Computer Systems Manager
– Web Design
Lenawee Intermediate School District
– Center for Educational Materials and Technology Media Technician
– Adult Education at LISD TECH Center
– Professional Development Classes
– Producer LISD TV
– Web Design
Media Freelance

My goal with these additions is to branch out to employers and teachers while keeping true to my family and friends with photography.

Agency Services
• Advertising Marketing Plans
• Graphic Design
• New Media Journalism
• Photography/Videography
• Web Site Creation/Edits

Corporate and Continuing Education
• Advertising Marketing Plans
• Media Design and Technology
• Media Design and Technology in Education
• New Media Journalism
• Software Updates

Personal Services
• Blog Creation
• Photography
• Videography
• Website Design

and more…