"New Media Journalism"

New Media Journalism seems to include all of the above… Since the employment rate has dropped, people losing their jobs in every area including marketing, advertisement, journalism, photography, PR and Communications, all of these specialized jobs have melted into one. We all saw it coming. Now they have become one. I was sad at first,Continue reading “"New Media Journalism"”

Official Notice – “SunnyTrees Media Agency”

In the past I have reserved the name “Sunny Trees” strictly for photography and wedding/event videos. After weeks of self discovery, I decided to “Branch Out and Shine, Media Style!” I will now practice all of my favorite subjects under the name “SunnyTrees Media Agency”. The Lenawee studio location will be announced soon. The websiteContinue reading “Official Notice – “SunnyTrees Media Agency””

Wedding Packages

Wedding Presentation $200· 50 slide photo presentation for reception on disk Video – $340 for first 4 hoursIncludes:· 4 copies of your completed wedding video ($25 each additional copy)· All Master tapes Photos – $600 for first 4 hoursIncludes:· Engagement/Announcement photos (2 hours)· Wedding photos (2 hours)· 1 print of each image in photo album·Continue reading “Wedding Packages”