Digital Image Package $85

Photography to capture your style. Sunny Trees enjoys making your smile shine at your home, our location or a park, etc. We wll come take pictures of as many people you want and no sitting fees. We charge $85 per hour. This gives you all of the digital images with duplication rights and minimal alterations. Please see below for print options.

FYI – To all of those who I suggested to use You must cancel your subscription to They will charge you if you do not.

Mobile Media Formats vs. Sharing

Most video/audio captured from newer phones and digital devices need to be translated to a sharable format before being sent to others, used on your iPhone, iPad or even inserted in a Microsoft PowerPoint. The steps include capturing the content, downloading it to your computer possibly using Windows Mobile and translating to a sharable format using the free software “Internet Video Converter (IVC)”. I found it at