Sonja Howell, Newest Computer Columnist,

“Sonja is from Tipton, MI and holds a BA in Visual Communications, currently achieving her Master’s for Educational Media Design and Technology. She has over 20 years of multimedia experience and adult instruction. Sonja is currently employed at the LISD Center for Educational Materials and Technology as a Multimedia Technician/ Local PEG Channel Producer and the Owner of Prior to working in the non-profit field, she was the Computer Advertising Systems Manager for Jacobson’s Stores Inc. Marketing department.”

After submitting a few of my technical how-to’s and tips, my account is begin set up as I type. How exciting. I will post my articles here as well. Enjoy!

If you are interested in becoming a local Examiner in your field, apply here. Use me as a reference. Please let me know first. Thanks.

Pouty Pouty Me. LOL

Hmmmm… I’m guessing my “Target Market” is not students in grades 8 through 12. Lol. That last competition flew over like it didn’t even exist. Never the less Kara deserves much credit for her wonderful self portrait. STP viewers, give it up for Kara…

I’ll get over it, I’ll learn to move on. Ok, I’m over it.