Week 4 Reading – The Art of Possibility 9-12

This is the largest hurdle for me, how to light a spark in others.  I have the administrators behind me to revive the educational access channel.  That was the part that I thought would be the most difficult, but unfortunately it is the instructors. I was surprised to see the remarks had to do with myself. After looking at how I act, I can see that I am nervous to ask for participation. I bet others see my reservation. If I ask how others will contribute with me with a twinkle in my eye, they could respond better to my enthusiasm. Once I create a video with the instructors, they do shine. I need to bring that shine out in the beginning conversation instead of at the end.
You lose your power when you blame others for not succeeding. Instead find a way to transform it to success. Make a difference and do not detach myself from the end result.
Show empathy to the teachers that fear the addition of one more thing to the classroom, but show them how it is a possibility. Make a list of things that add to and detract from the possibilities of success. Move people from the talk of why they cannot to how can we. Make it my vision, not incorrect or incorrect. Do not look at the movement as improvement, just a direction. Break down barriers and create possibilities. This will validate that the idea will make a difference.

Make LISD TV a story involving the entire LISD, not just LISD TV or myself. Make it a “we” story. Instead of the story benefiting LISD TV or myself connect it to all involved. Use the combining words of we, us, our when talking about the videos. Then remember this process will change and grow.

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Reading – The Art of Possibility 9-12

  1. Excellent self-talk and walking through needed changes. Funny how a few word changes can completely change a thing from a defeated endeavor to a plan to succeed.


  2. Sunny, I think you have really nailed it here. I totally agree that passion and enthusiasm are contagious and unfortunately, so is hesitation. I can totally relate to your hesitancy to approach people to participate. I am the same way, particularly when I am approaching people for support or funding. One of the things that I have found helps me is telling myself, “what is the worst that can happen?” The answer is always that they say no and then I am in the same place I was before I asked. No harm, just a few minutes lost. Once I get past that, then I work to get my energy and enthusiasm built up and I find that makes a huge difference. Keep up the good work!


  3. Sunny,I love how you really gave yourself a little pep talk here. Everything that you are saying is true and sometimes saying it loud makes you believe it, not just know it. Motivating others is hard, especially if you are nervous or having a rough day. I think that you are very reflective in being able to think of ways to combat that in the beginning. I also love how you are understanding of how busy a teacher's classroom can be and you don't want to stress them out with more. Instead, you want to help them see how it can become a reality. Great thoughts!!


  4. Sunny,As another creative professional I can totally understand your hesitation. Sometimes your pour everything you have into a project and a client can look at it and say “No.”.. Once you can accept that for what it is and get past that you're able to accept new possibilities.I like the way you worked through your thoughts in this post. Very introspective, another thing I can appreciate greatly. John


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