Instagram in High Res?

Do you love your Instagram pics so much that you wish you could print them? Try it. They will look pretty blurry. Altering the photos from your normal digital camera is not that difficult. Tutorials can be found all over the web. Some of my favorites are found on Vandelay Design’s blog – 33 Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials.
If you aren’t into spending big dollars on photo editing software, Adobe has a dulled down version of Adobe Photoshop named Adobe Photoshop Elements.  This version is less expensive and also easier to use. You can find more information on the Adobe Elements Product site.
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How to "Like My Page | Facebook" Locally

So you want to network on social network pages, huh? Here’s a trick. When you are face-to-face with someone who says, “Like us on facebook”, ask them to like you back. Most people, who are willing to ask for you to like them, will also like you. It’s a great way to build your local network. I have met tons of small business people in and out of my profession. Try it out!

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Corrupted Flash Drive Recovery

I saw a post the other day asking how to save a corrupt flash drive. It seems this person saved their only version of a website design on their flash drive. While I advise only using a flash to transfer information rather than store it, I see this often. During these moments, I use Disk Doctor to try to save the information.  It has helped many people for me. It works on your camera’s SD cards too.
I’ve also used the process found in this how-to video, Tutorial – How to repair a corruptedUSB drive – YouTube. If these tricks don’t work, there are many other ways to save your images and files. A simple Google search for “how to save a corrupt flash drive” or “ recover flash drive”, could help. Source: Creative Commons, Skadoit

Photography Styles

With so many styles of photography, how can you be sure the photographer’s style you hire matches your style? You do not have to settle with their style of photography. The easiest way to see your photographer’s style or their variation of style per customer is to check out their portfolio. Although the photographer should have suggestions for you, you should be the one calling the shots on style. You could also ask other customers if the photographer spoke to them about the customer’s style or if they did the shoot all on their own. One of the greatest things to do is show the photographer examples of what style you want. Finally ask the photographer what style and type of photography is their favorite.

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