It’s Not an Emergency, Calm Down!

Teaching children how to calm themselves may be one of the most important tools they need to know. Show them by example how you calm yourself. When you’re upset, announce that you’re going to your happy place. Try not to respond immediately by yelling. Yelling does not teach them how to react peacefully. When theyContinue reading “It’s Not an Emergency, Calm Down!”

Thanks Giving = Positive Exposure

Children need to see adults giving thanks. As they watch others appreciate things in their lives, the number of positive experiences out number the negative. We know from studies that a person needs 10 positive to 1 negative experience in order to balance themselves. Showing appreciation is an easy way to add positives in yourContinue reading “Thanks Giving = Positive Exposure”

You Are Not Responsible for Other’s Actions

In any case, you are not responsible for anyone’s choices. You cannot stop them from doing what they are going to do. If the crime is worth the consequence, they will not care how much effort you put in to holding true to what they are supposed to do. Let them make mistakes. You canContinue reading “You Are Not Responsible for Other’s Actions”

Sibling Alienation Doesn’t Work!

Never underestimate the power of siblings. Even after we are gone from this Earth, they will be together. Regardless if they are together in homes 100% of the time, 50% of the time or separated due to broken marriages, their love will last much longer than the parents. Allow them the special moments they needContinue reading “Sibling Alienation Doesn’t Work!”