Thanks Giving = Positive Exposure

Children need to see adults giving thanks. As they watch others appreciate things in their lives, the number of positive experiences out number the negative.

We know from studies that a person needs 10 positive to 1 negative experience in order to balance themselves. Showing appreciation is an easy way to add positives in your child’s day.

Positive exposure can happen on a regular basis. Appreciate their attitude. Catch them being good. Thank them for a hug.

Part 1: Try balancing 10/1 with thank yous for the next week just to see how it works. You may adopt this technique with other relationships.

Part 2: Next, eliminate negative exposure. Do not say any disparing comments in front of them, regardless of the subject.

Part 3: Eliminate thinking ugly thoughts to balance yourself. Replace these thoughts by thinking of what you are thankful for.

Part 4: Reevaluate balance with your child and yourself.


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