January Tranquil Divorce Classes Announced

The Tranquil Divorce January Class ScheduleSunday, January 10th at 209 N. Main Adrian MI 49221$20 per class or $75 for all 4 classes. Class 1 – Parenting Plans – 9 to 10 am Class 2 – Parental Alienation – 10 to 11 am Class 3 – Helping Kids Cope – 11 to 12 pm Class 4Continue reading “January Tranquil Divorce Classes Announced”

Schedule Enough Cell Time

Cell phone parenting has replaced couch potatoes, newspaper readers, sports fanatics, tv addictions and other brain gym hobbies. Why does everyone pick on this choice compared to others, since everyone needs to take a break sometimes? They say it is the amount of time that is the difference. The convenience of putting your cell inContinue reading “Schedule Enough Cell Time”

Children Learn "How To" by Watching You

As I sit here watching my child draw with me, I have even more proof that she will mock me as she gets older. It reminds me that when she does something that I don’t like, I need to look at myself to see if she is simply copying my actions. For example, I askedContinue reading “Children Learn "How To" by Watching You”

Reward vs. Responsibility

Are you teaching your child to be good for a reward or are you teaching them to make good choices because they understand it’s the right thing to do? Be careful using rewards as children will not know the difference between acting well just so they get the bribery gift and how empathy, consequences andContinue reading “Reward vs. Responsibility”