Sibling Rivalry: Empathy, Support Options and Empower

Sibling rivalry takes many forms and has no age limit. How do we work with it and not make it worse? Let’s take a minute and look at the types, reasons, the how some parents deal and then the “magical” solution. Teasing, mean words, I hate you, I wish you would die, physical fighting, jealously,Continue reading “Sibling Rivalry: Empathy, Support Options and Empower”

Are you too busy for yourself?

Do you feel guilty because you do not have enough time for your children? Between work and chores, do you get lost in the the daily routine of life? Does this guilty feeling keep you from your own pleasures? Years and years of guilt has kept me from venturing into my own hobbies. Being thatContinue reading “Are you too busy for yourself?”

Snack Time, Fun Time!!!

Are the kiddos tired of the plain old boring fresh fruit? Are you tired of the preservatives and sugars in packaged snacks? Fruit shakes could be the answer for your littles. 2 fresh fruits, 1 cup frozen and 2 Oz. of juice makes a delightful sweet treat for a few kiddos. My new Christmas giftContinue reading “Snack Time, Fun Time!!!”

Did you say sibling conflict is needed?

Yes, siblings need to have conflict, so they can learn ways to move through obstacles. Here are a few things to try; Talk It OutStep 1. Calmly empathize Step 2. Recognize and state the problem Step 3. Ask them to tell their feelings without hurting each otherStep 4. Remind them of your family rulesStep 5.Continue reading “Did you say sibling conflict is needed?”

It’s not our job, or is it?

While I do not sugar coat anything, I do not make things harder. I choose empathy and love as I look for each learning opportunity for my children. I do not create an ugly atmosphere, yet I look forward to each experience where my children may grow. Let the tough stuff show its ugly headContinue reading “It’s not our job, or is it?”

Could Limit Excersizes Help Your Family?

Children’s first exposure to problem solving is usually with their parents, peers and most of all siblings, especially when limits or rules are ignored. I suggest creating Limit, Problem-Solving and Negotiating Exercises for your children. I wouldn’t go out and create challenges. We all know challenges present themselves on a regular basis in families. YouContinue reading “Could Limit Excersizes Help Your Family?”

How Do You Teach Forgiveness?

Remember that children will follow your lead. How you forgive is how they will forgive (or not). I usually talk out loud explaining my thoughts, feelings, choices and allow the kiddos to see my final actions allowing my experiences to be shared. This works with forgiveness also. Whether it’s forgiving them, their father or otherContinue reading “How Do You Teach Forgiveness?”