How can we create a parenting plan during a divorce?

One result of careful planning is fewer mistakes.  The parenting plan enhances understanding between a child’s parents and encourages  discussion. It is a baseline that you can use to document your  understandings.  It keeps you – not a stranger – in the position of making  decisions about your child’s life. Sometimes it is tempting toContinue reading “How can we create a parenting plan during a divorce?”

Parenting Blueprints

A good plan becomes a living blueprint that both parents can follow, change when needed and use as a point of reference when they have  differences of opinion. A well developed plan also serves as a tiebreaker  when parents disagree and thus reduces conflict and improves the chances of  increasing happiness for everyone involved.  TheContinue reading “Parenting Blueprints”

Why divorcing parents should create a parenting plan instead of just a parenting schedule?

Planning for a child means looking ahead to the obvious changes that   will occur. What schools will your child attend?  Do you need to make  arrangements for them now?  Are you saving money for the child’s advanced  education?  Do you have life insurance in place to make sure that the child is  supported if theContinue reading “Why divorcing parents should create a parenting plan instead of just a parenting schedule?”

What is Divorce?

One of the very first steps in the Tranquil Divorce program is to learn that Divorce is the dissolution of the legal contract between a married couple. As we learn that Breakthrough Parenting techniques how divorce means the transforming of a family, not the ending of the family.  When parents separate, their family isn’t broken.Continue reading “What is Divorce?”

Practice Sharing

You are most likely to blame for your children not wanting to share with their siblings. In fact most parents set rules on what may be touched and when. Children learn that there are boundaries and that they need to set the rules straight over their own belongings. So now what? Practice making family rulesContinue reading “Practice Sharing”