Two Views Could be Right

Situations may look different to two different people. Like an abstract piece of art. It takes understanding to let both views be correct.

Your Future after the Tranquil Divorce Program

When you have completed the Tranquil Divorce program, choices that at first seemed overwhelming can fall into place rapidly. You will be able to more  clearly communicate your ideas about what you feel is best for your child when you  have figured things out in advance.  

In this class you will also find several techniques that you might not have thought of, for example, the value of using a logbook to provide  continuity in the child’s life as he or she moves from one home to another.    

The most critical factor in a child’s adjustment to the separation and to successful future development is the parents’ ability to either resolve or  put aside their differences and to focus on what is in their child’s best  interest. When parents are able to resolve their differences by getting what has been called an “emotional divorce,” they are more able to be flexible regarding how time with the child is shared.   

As you design your plan, you’ll also learn how to create consistency and predictability in your child’s reorganized family.  It is in this way that your child will be able to adjust to the family changes and do well.  Research  of divided families has shown that children can be as healthy and socially  well adjusted as children from families where the parents stay together. This is not likely to be the case, however, if the parents stay angry with each other and engage in prolonged fighting over the child.    

Every family is unique. When you finish, your plan will be individualized to work effectively in your situation while including all of the important people who are involved with your child.  

I would not replace what I have found while creating this program. If someone told me how peaceful my life would be in the future, I would not have believed them.