Leading Women

Not only does my family appreciate Star Wars, Our family adores Carrie Fisher. We have never followed princesses and awaiting our prince to rescue us. We are more fond of avengers. Our girls are built strong to take care of things on our own.

Thank you Carrie for all you’ve shown us! Rest well! 


My Favorite Christmas Gift was from My Ex

 My favorite Christmas gift is from the kids, paid for by my ex. I appreciate that he allows the children to buy me gifts regardless if he wants to buy one for me or not. This shows that he respects the benefits of our children’s happiness. 
Things aren’t always perfect, nor do I expect them to be. At least we can put it all aside so the kids can feel loved and feel that they have the chance to love us equally. 


New Year, New Divorce

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution that can better the relations between you and your ex?
I work with moms and dads who are done with the constant conflict and want a surefire way to have a tranquil separation.
If your goal is to raise your children in the best loving environment, guess what? You can do this in just six weeks, without long, drawn-out, expensive court appearances!
Stop the fighting. Stop the conflict. Stop the harassing emails, phone calls and text messages. Stop arguing over your schedules. Stop the abuse to your family!.
Do it for your children. Do it for yourself. Do it for a happier, more tranquil life for all of you.
Give yourself and your children a special holiday gift. Say Yes to life after divorce.
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