CRC Kids

1. We need to be able to communicate with either parent as often as needed. 2. We need to enjoy appropriate Parenting Time access (visitation) with each parent that will serve our needs and preferences.

3. We need to know what is good about the other parent.

4. We need to have clear communications (even if only in writing) about medical treatments, psychological therapy, educational issues, accidents, illnesses and other important concerning us and our parents.

5. We need to have consistent and predictable boundaries in each parent’s home especially if the rules in each house may significantly differ from the other.

6. We need to know in advance about decisions including living arrangements, transfer times and locations, holidays, summer schedules, and special circumstances.

7. We need to have educational, religious, athletic and other necessary persons informed about changes in family situation.

8. We need to have certain personal information about each parent kept private. Last and foremost. We need each parent to be the adults of our new family structure and act accordingly.


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