How much romantic stuff is too much?

Being it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought discussing public display of affection would be fitting.  Parents often ask how much affection should be shared in front of your kiddos. I say that it’s healthy to touch and hold, but where do you draw the line? The line should be drawn by asking yourself this question, “WhatContinue reading “How much romantic stuff is too much?”

Tranquil Parenting Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Although Tranquil Parenting (AKA Tranquil Studio, Inc.) has been in operation since December of 2014 with content dating back as far as 1992, it has never been so complete with it’s parenting curriculum as it is today. For this reason, Sonja Howell and her Board Members found it fitting to celebrate the new non-profit andContinue reading “Tranquil Parenting Open House and Ribbon Cutting”