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My Favorite Technique

My favorite technique I have learned from Sonja is a super simple one, keeping your cool when parenting heats up! It seems like something all of us should remember when we have children. However, I feel it is one of the first things we forget. We find ourselves so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget something so simple as remaining calm when you are about to lose your cool. One of the best things I have learned to do when things get heated is to delay the consequences until you have a clear head. Sure, it’s not super applicable right now because my child is so young, however, in time I feel as though it will become extremely helpful! 
~ Appreciative Parent

Many New Things

I have learned many new techniques from my meetings with Sonja. I felt like I was never going to be able to figure out how to set boundaries or get my son to mind until I was pointed in Sonja’s direction. It is difficult for me to pick just a few of the skills I have learned as favorites because just about everything I have learned is helpful and or fun in their own way. For instance, the “energy drain” is hands down one of the most genius ideas I have ever heard of, as far as parenting techniques go. It is so wonderful to be able to say, “oh no, I feel my energy draining out of me because of that bad word you used, or because you didn’t help clean your room. What are you going to do to help put the energy back”? It is one of my favorites because it is so simple and yet very effective!
~ Thankful Parent

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing I had the pleasure of being taught is, letting my son’s relationship with his Father be his own. At first I always used to feel like I must sit there and worry non-stop what kind of relationship they were having…was it good? Was it bad? How did my son feel about it? However, after learning the Tranquil Parenting approach I finally realized, whatever kind of relationship my son wants to have with his Father is his own business. It is between the two of them how they will interact or how they get along. Essentially it boils down to one thing, whatever kind of relationship my son wants to have with his Father is completely up to my son and it is his choice at the end of it all. It is not my job or duty to sit around and worry if their relationship is copacetic or not. 
~ Pleased Parent

I Have to be Honest

I have to be honest, I was afraid to start with Sonja. I thought it was just one more way for the courts to gouge my paycheck, but after 2 weeks working with her, I am so happy I made this investment and I feel so much more confident. Even one of my buddies from work said how they wish there were a program like this when he was going through his divorce years ago.
~ Confident Parent

I was Hesitant at First

I have learned a lot from my time with Sonja. I was hesitant at first, but I feel a lot more confident with my parenting style and I find myself not as frantic and or stressed out. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I have acquired from the Tranquil Parenting program and I am happy that I was pointed in the right direction, and my daughter will in time be just as grateful!
~ Grateful Parent


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