Ex-Trap Stories: Imagine This

Imagine making agreements with your ex and not having a person gaslight you on a regular basis. Imagine going through a cooperative learning program in which most issues you’ve been dealing with for years are actually figured out and put in writing. Imagine not having your kids feel the frustration from the games played duringContinue reading “Ex-Trap Stories: Imagine This”

Ex-Trap Stories: Life & Death

People of divorce and separation with children think of certain details that others do not think of. Could you imagine secretly hoping a death or funeral of a loved one happened on “your day”? Could you imagine being asked when you are going to take your children back to the other parent immediately following theContinue reading “Ex-Trap Stories: Life & Death”

Ex-Trap Stories: Who Loves You More?

We’ve all heard that cute little innocent saying, “Love you more…”, but in the world of separation and divorce, who loves the child most is an actual thing that parents use to gain more parenting time and even custody. Something used in court called, the child’s best interest actually asks who loves the child mostContinue reading “Ex-Trap Stories: Who Loves You More?”

Ex-Trap Stories: Financial Ruins

Ex-Trap Stories: Financial Ruins If your child’s other parent and you are not able to make decisions on a regular basis and then they make one… make sure you have any agreement in writing and put it in a signed stipulation… the full agreement. Do NOT believe anything just because you want to. Believe itContinue reading “Ex-Trap Stories: Financial Ruins”

Use your energy wisely…

Keep the drama to yourself and focus your attention on resolution. I hear parents constantly giving updates about their family battles and how they called their attorneys, Cps, wrote letters to the judges, post every update on social media and even worse, discussed every detail with their child. Instead of burning your energy doing theseContinue reading “Use your energy wisely…”

12 things not to say to separated parents during the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all of you parents out there, especially the parents who are without their children at their family parties. I have put together a list of 12 things not to say to separated parents during the holidays and why (up to 67% of the population). This year, I have had the children withContinue reading “12 things not to say to separated parents during the holidays.”

Want to change your Divorce and prevent cruelty to your children? Stop using these terms!

Everyone knows the legal system uses certain terms such as Visitations, Defendant/Plaintiff, Ex-Spouse, Court Order, Divorce, Court, Friend of the Court, Custody, Temporary Order, Child Support and other words that have a negative indication that someone is wrong and someone is right totally ignoring that parents are parents that have feelings and especially the factContinue reading “Want to change your Divorce and prevent cruelty to your children? Stop using these terms!”